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Bill Introduced In Congress To Make Condos Eligible For Storm Recovery Grants

The House of Representatives is considering a bill to make condominiums, as well as housing cooperatives, eligible to receive grants for storm recovery relief for common element damage.  H.R. 2887, introduced by several members of the House representing New York, would amend the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act to provide that individuals eligible for FEMA  assistance under the Act include the associations that govern condominiums and housing cooperatives with respect to the property elements that are the responsibility of the assoication.  It further would provide that the maximum amount that an association may receive could be adjusted by regulation and not limited to the amounts payable to indiviual homeowners.

Homeowner associations are not mentioned in the bill, and would not benefit from its provisions.  That exclusion has the potential to become a source of debate.  The bill  has been referred to the House Committee on Tranportation and Infrastructure.