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Contracts For The Initial Sale of Condominium Units In Maryland Are Invalid If the Public Offering Statement Has Not Been Registered

Under Section 11-127 of the Maryland Condominium Act, devel0pers  of condominiums are required to file a Public Offering Statement with the Maryland Secretary of State.  Until the Public Offering Statement is registered, and until 10 days after all amendments have been filed, a contract for the sale of any unit may not be entered into, and any such contracts are void.  Additionally, under Section 11-126 of the Maryland Condominium Act, the initial purchaser of a condominium unit must receive a copy of the Public Offering Statement at or before the time the contract of sale is entered into, or the contract is unenforceable by the seller.  Such contracts of sale are also required to contain, in conspicuous type, a notice of the purchaser’s right to receive a Public Offering Statement.