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Disputes As To Homeowners Association Elections May Be Submitted To the Attorney General’s Office

The Maryland General Assembly enacted new legislation aimed at helping to resolve disputes concerning the election of officers and board members of a homeowners association.  Senate Bill 532 amends Section 11B-115 of the Maryland Homeowners Association Act to give the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office authority to resolve election disputs.  A lot owner who believes that the governing body of an HOA has failed to comply with the election procedures under the association’s governing documents can submit their dispute to the Division for resolution if any one of five specific matters are at issue:  (1) Notice about the date, time, and place for the election; (2) the manner in which a call for nominations for the board was made; (3) the format of the election ballot; (4) the format, provision, and use of proxies during the election process; or (5) the manner in which a quorum is determined for election purposes.  The new law take effect on October 1, 2011.