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Governor Signs Bill To Reduce Votes Required To Amend Condo and HOA By-Laws

Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan, has signed into law a bill which will reduce the number votes required to amend condominium and homeowner association bylaws.   What originated as House Bill 789, (now Chapter 480 of the 2017 legislative session), provides for a reduction in the required percentage vote for an amendment of the bylaws from two-thirds to 60 percent.   The original version of the bill passed by the House of Delegates called for a reduction to 55%, but that was ultimately amended in the final version that was passed in both houses of the General Assembly.  Additionally, the bill authorizes adopted bylaws to provide for a percentage lower than 60%.  The new law will also limit the voting to members in “good standing, ” which is defined as not being more than 90 days in arrears with regard to assessment payments.

The new provisions will take effect on October 1, 2017.