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Maryland House of Delegates Passes Legislation Allowing Suspension of Use of Common Elements for Delinquent Accounts

The House of Delegates of the Maryland General Assembly has passed legislation that authorizes a condominium declaration to provide for the suspension of  the use of parking or recreational facility common elements by a unit owner that is more than 60 days in arrears in the payment of assessments.  House Bill 575 would amend Section 11-103 of the Maryland Condominium Act by adding new subsection (d).  The measure would require the condominium to provide the delinquent unit owner with 10 days notice, within which the unit owner may pay the delinquent assessment or request a hearing to contest the suspension.  The proposed law also allows an amendment to a declaration to add such a suspension provision with the approval of only 60% of the unit owners, regardless of what super majority is otherwise called for in the governing documents.  The bill is now under consideration in the Senate.