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New Maryland Law Requires Recycling At Condominiums

During the 2012 Session, the Maryland General Assembly enacted a new provision that requires the council of unit owners of all condominiums with ten or more units to, by October 1, 2014, provide recycling for the residents, including collection and removal, in accordance with the recycling plan adopted by the county in which the condominium is located.  House Bill 1 (Chapter 192) amends Section 9-1711 of the Environment Article to require recyling at condominiums and apartment buildings with ten or more units.  It further authorizes the counties to require that such faciliites report to the county on their recyling activities in such manner as the county may determine.  The new law does not effect the authority of a county, municipality or other local government to enact and enforce more stringent recycling requirements.  It also authorizes a county, municipality or other local government to conduct inspections to enforce these recycling provisions.  Violations are subject to a civil penalty not exceeding $50 for each day in which a violation exists.