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Proposed Maryland Law Would Permit HOAs To Collect A Fee For Resale Inspections

House Bill 34 in the Maryland General Assembly would give homeowner associations the right to collect a fee relating to inspections during the resale process.  The proposed law would entitle an HOA to charge “a reasonable fee not to exceed $100 for an inspection of the low owner’s lot if required.”  Under Section 11B-106 of the Maryland Homeowner Association Act, sellers are required to provide certain information to prospective purchasers, much of which is often provided by the Association.  Under the statute, the Association can charge “a reasonable fee” for providing this information, that does not exceed its actual cost, up to a maximum of $250.  House Bill 34 would add an additional fee charge for costs relating to an inspection of the property as part of the resale process.  The Bill passed the House of Delegates by a 85 – 44 vote, and is now pending in the Senate.