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Title 11 Condominium Warranties May Not Be Excluded Or Modified

Unlike the Title 10 warranties that are applicable to the sales of all new homes in Maryland, including condominiums, the Title 11 condominium warranties “may not be excluded or modified” by any action or written document.   In other words, the purchaser cannot be required to agree to eliminate these statutory warranties, or change the terms of the warranties as required by the statute.  Any such agreement, written or otherwise,  is invalid.   This recognizes that a condominium purchaser is buying an interest in the common elements of a building, or perhaps a number of buildings, and is not have the same ability as a purchaser of an individual home to inspect the entire premises.  It includes both the warranty on components of the common elements that is given by the developer to the council of unit owners, and the warranty on components of the individual units that is given by the developer to each individual unit owner purchaser.   Therefore, the condominium warranties apply regardless of any agreement to exclude them or modify the content.  However, the Title 11 condominium warranties are expressly limited so as not to apply “to any defects caused through the abuse or failure to perform maintenance by a unit owner or the council of unit owners,” and are also inapplicable to non-residential condominium regimes.